Fri 27 Sep
by William Shakespeare
translated by Angela Schanelec in collaboration with Jürgen Gosch and Wolfgang Wiens
Premiere 27. September 2024

So fast does beauty end in confusion.

At court they are preparing the festivities: it’s almost time for Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. But first, Theseus has to help his best friend Egeus, whose daughter Hermia has fallen in love with the wrong partner: Lysander. Spectacular threats are made in a bid to change Hermia’s mind. The lovers have only one way out: they escape into the darkness of a dream-filled night in June. And their friends  Helena and Demetrius follow hot on their heels. In the dim light of this wild setting, reality and reason lose their normative form. Sexual desire and animal lust rise up and seize power. Who does what with whom, when, where and how is not a matter of chance, but fate – and Puck. This devillish troll inflames desire with his love potion and then whips the ground away from under the feet of all those he bewitches.

Love, trolls, lust and sex rule the night in which a group of workmen are also rehearsing their amateur production of «Pyramus and Thisbe». In the complete naivety of these tradesmen’s acting, this tragedy of lost happiness and unfulfilled desires turns into slapstick.  

«A Midsummer Night’s Dream» is not only William Shakespeare’s most famous comedy, but also perhaps his most profound. Here worlds collide that can only co-exist harmoniously in a state of delirium.

Stephan Kimmig directs the creatures from Shakespeare’s famous fairy world as genuine oddballs, who have created a parallel world in the margins of society. Quirky, unconventional and fabulous, they radically question what is considered normal.

Artistic Direction

Direction Stephan Kimmig
Stage Design Katja Haß
Costume Design Anja Rabes
Music Michael Verhovec
Lighting Gerrit Jurda
Video Mirko Borscht
Dramaturgy Barbara Sommer,  Michael Billenkamp