Geboren 1990 in Berlin, studierte Max Rothbart dort zunächst Medizin, bevor er sein Schauspielstudium an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater «Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy» Leipzig absolvierte. Von 2013 bis 2015 war er noch während des Studiums am Staatsschauspiel Dresden zu erleben. Sein Erstengagement führte ihn 2015 an das Theater Basel und durch Koproduktionen an das Schauspiel Köln und das Burgtheater Wien, wo er u. a. mit den Regisseur*innen Simon Stone, Claudia Bauer, Martin Laberenz, Schorsch Kamerun, Ulrich Rasche und Stefan Bachmann arbeitete.

Performing in

«Agnes Bernauer», first performed in the GDR in 1977, starts like a stop-motion fairy tale: after the death of her mother, Agnes is sent out to work by her bankrupt father. But she is unable to believe that she will find a profession that «gives her pleasure», and decides to marry money. Her rise in society happens quickly: Agnes becomes pregnant and takes Albrecht as a husband: a squeamish only child and mother’s boy who is pampered in the golden cage of the Werdenfels’ family business.

Agnes Bernauer
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Sat 18 Jun

In her trilogy Judith Herzberg uses subtle humour and a delicate hand to portray a Jewish extended family from Amsterdam between the 1970s and the turn of the millennium. It is a chronicle of emotions and complex relationships. In a cycle that spans three generations there are marriages, children are conceived, couples separate, fall in love with someone new – and get married again. To outsiders, members of the family and their friends appear to lead the same everyday lives as their contemporaries and when they meet at weddings or funerals, they talk, dance, fall in love and argue. But, quite casually and suddenly, glimpses of wounded souls appear behind this cheerful façade.

Die Träume der Abwesenden (Absent dreams)
Residenztheater, 17.00 o'clock
Mon 06 Jun

The author and musician PeterLicht frees this moral portrait that we now find barely legible from the socio-political reality of French absolutism and sets his sights on the present in his new version «Tartuffe or the Philosopher’s Swine». Here he employs the same characters as the original, whose literary descendants are nevertheless given considerable licence: in secular times one abhors a vacuum and so the «socially interconnected sculpture» hopes for and fears the appearance of Tartuffe, who serves to supply their wishes and as a surface onto which they may project themselves.

Tartuffe oder Das Schwein der Weisen (Tartuffe or the philosopher's swine)

The Australian playwright and director Simon Stone whose attention-grabbing contemporary interpretations of classic dramas have caused an international sensation, takes characters, narrative threads and motifs from Horváth’s works, catapults them into the present day and weaves them together into a touching, post-heroic panorama of human effort in times of crisis.

Unsere Zeit (Our Time)
Residenztheater, 17.00 o'clock
Wed 25 May
Residenztheater, 17.00 o'clock
Thu 26 May