Florian von Manteuffel

Geboren 1973 in München, studierte Florian von Manteuffel nach einer Ausbildung zum Steinmetz und Bildhauer an der Schauspiel München. Sein Erstengagement führte ihn an das Theater Bielefeld, anschließend war er Ensemblemitglied am Schauspiel Stuttgart, wo er u. a. mit René Pollesch, Volker Lösch, Sebastian Baumgarten, Stephan Rottkamp und Karin Henkel arbeitete. 2013 wechselte er in das Ensemble des Schauspielhaus Wien und 2015 an das Theater Basel. Dort war er u. a. in Inszenierungen von Claudia Bauer, Schorsch Kamerum, Simon Stone, Julia Hölscher, Robert Icke, Mateja Koležnik und Ulrich Rasche zu erleben.

Performing in

After «The Three Musketeers», who continue to gallop across the Residenztheater stage, the Italian director Antonio Latella and his co-writer and dramaturg Federico Bellini now tackle the second great classic about famous swordsmen.  They take Rostand’s play as the starting point for research into the nature of theatre and love, in which instead of the more than fifty characters presented in the original, only two performers stand on stage. The two men now have to tell the story without the object of their desires and have no muse to inspire their verses.


Cyrano de Bergerac
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 17 Dec
Marstall, 19.00 o'clock
Sun 26 Dec
Marstall, 19.00 o'clock
Sun 02 Jan
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Sat 15 Jan

A golden age and decades of peace appear to have come to an end with the death of the Danish king. His successor Claudius attempts to soothe these burgeoning conflicts with diplomacy, but Prince Hamlet, the dead king’s son, refuses to accept his uncle as heir to the throne and his mother’s new husband. While the people seems willing to let itself be convinced of the new ruler’s illegitimacy, Hamlet has no desire to take his place – and thus, perhaps unconsciously, sabotages the traditional concept of political order itself.

Residenztheater, 19.00 o'clock
Sun 05 Dec
Residenztheater, 18.00 o'clock
Sun 12 Dec