Sat 25 Jan
by Marion Siéfert and Matthieu Bareyre
translated from the French by Corinna Popp
German Language Premiere
Premiere 25. January 2025

This new text by the young award-winning French theatremaker Marion Siéfert and her co-author Matthieu Bareyre tells the story of thirteen-year-old Mara, who lives with her parents in the country. Her family is struggling with money worries and plagued by the parents’ marital problems – so escaping from her real surroundings into limitless digital worlds seems like a way out that will rescue her. Mara has already spent a long time dreaming of living the life of the stars and influencers she admires on social media. In this gameified parallel world she meets dozens of players who increasingly put her under their spell. One of these is twenty-seven-year-old Julien, who invites her to try out the newly released game «Daddy»: «So concentrate: ‹Daddy› is now your project. This project is what you breathe for, what gets you out of bed in the morning.» And Mara gets involved ...

In her artistic work Marion Siéfert searches for theatre in the depths of our increasingly digitised reality. She uses the stage and its long-established tradition of playing with reality in order to create a world in which reality and fiction blur into each other while at the same time colliding brutally.

The director and Head of RESI FÜR ALLE Daniela Kranz has demonstrated a great capacity for empathy in putting the world experienced by young people on stage in recent seasons in works such as «Is My Mic On?» and «Tick Tack». She now directs the German language premiere of «Daddy» with a cast of actors from the ensemble and young amateur performers in collaboration with RESI DIGITAL.

Artistic Direction

Direction Daniela Kranz
Stage Design Lisa Käppler
Costume Design Anna Gillis
Dramaturgy Ilja Mirsky