Simon Zagermann

Geboren 1981 in München, studierte Simon Zagermann an der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst «Ernst Busch» in Berlin. Er gastierte am Nationaltheater Mannheim, am Maxim Gorki Theater und am Deutschen Theater Berlin, bevor er 2008 Ensemblemitglied am Deutschen Nationaltheater in Weimar wurde. 2011 führte es ihn als regelmäßigen Gast an das Schauspielhaus Graz sowie von 2013 bis 2015 als Ensemblemitglied an das Schauspielhaus Wien. 2015 wurde Simon Zagermann Mitglied im Ensemble am Theater Basel und war dort u. a. in Inszenierungen von Regisseur*innen wie Nora Schlocker, Simon Stone, Thom Luz, Nuran David Calis und Mateja Koležnik.

Performing in

Ephraim Cabot has built his farm in New England up out of nothing, through hard work and the sweat of his brow and he keeps his three sons in line with Puritan discipline. However, instead of handing on the fruits of their collective toil to the next generation, he introduces the young Abbie to them as his bride, thereby unleashing a tragedy of ancient dimensions. While the elder brothers entirely abandon any hope of inheriting from their father and follow the call of gold to California, a fateful triangle develops between his youngest son   Eben, his father and his step-mother – and Abbie too raises a claim to the farm that Eben is willing to defend by any means.

Gier unter Ulmen (Desire under the elms)

A caretaker is murdered with no reason or motive. Alienated from himself and life in general by a working day that is always the same, a bank clerk seizes an axe and commits murder. This action lacking any obvious cause shocks state prosecutor Martin, who is in charge of the case. In the murder and his crime he can see a reflection of his own imprisonment in a bourgeois existence dominated by duty, law and order. The prosecutor is immediately struck by an existential fear that drives him to escape into the fairy tale world of a mysterious alter ego: the world of Count Öderland.

Graf Öderland (Count Öderland)

Seven years after her production of «Oedipus», the Slovenian director Mateja Koležnik now brings the next instalment of the Theban myths to the Resi stage: both a political thriller and an epic family drama.

Sat 28 Jan
Residenztheater, 19.30 o'clock
Tue 31 Jan
Residenztheater, 19.30 o'clock
Tue 14 Feb

No other play by Heinrich von Kleist inspires quite so many superlatives as «Käthchen of Heilbronn». It is not only the most successful, but also the most romantic, the most fairy tale-like and at the same time the most mysterious play that he wrote.

Das Käthchen von Heilbronn (KÄTHCHEN OF HEILBRONN)
Thu 01 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Fri 02 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Mon 12 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Wed 14 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Thu 15 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Mon 19 Dec
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Mon 09 Jan