A music theatre installation by Robert Borgmann freely adapted from Aeschylusʼs «Eumenides»
Today: Marstall, 18.00 o'clock

Maria Stuart

by Friedrich Schiller
Today: Residenztheater, 18.30 o'clock

Shows with english surtitles:

Thursday, 9 MAY and Sunday, 30 JUNE: «ANDERSEN’S STORIES»

Saturday, 25 MAY and Wednesday, 5 JUNE: «BLUES IN BLACK AND WHITE»

Monday, 20 MAY and Wednesday, 12 JUNE: «AGAMEMNON»

Monday, 13 MAY and Friday, 7 JUNE: «JAMES BROWN WORE CURLERS»

Friday, 28 JUNE: «WOYZECK»

Wednesday, 22 MAY and Friday, 14 JUNE: «ANNE-MARIE THE BEAUTY»

Sunday, 12 MAY, Sunday, 2 JUNE and Wednesday, 26 JUNE: «MOBY DICK»

Friday, 31 MAY and Sunday, 9 JUNE: «THREE SISTERS»

Saturday, 1 JUNE and Monday, 10 JUNE: «MARIA STUART»


Sunday, 23 JUNE: «ANTIGONE»

Please indicate at the box office whether you would like a seat with surtitles when purchasing a ticket. You can also buy your ticket online. For the best view, we recommend the seats in the stalls from row 10 to row 16, especially in the middle. The seats in the middle section of the balcony and all rows in the tier are also recommended.