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Sat 16 Dec
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Mon 18 Dec
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Fri 19 Jan
Residenztheater, 20.00 o'clock
Wed 24 Jan
by Yasmina Reza
translated by Frank Heibert and Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel
Premiere 20. October 2023
1 Hour 20 Minutes
No break
Recommended for ages: 14 and over

The most frequently performed contemporary international playwright Yazmina Reza, acclaimed for her plays’ witty dialogue, wrote «Anne-Marie the Beauty» as a full-length monologue for her favourite actor André Marcon. This elogy for the art of acting centres on an ageing actress who has spent her entire life in the theatre playing small and minor roles and has never been able to progress beyond this obscure existence. The prospect of a (perhaps no more than imaginary) interview suddenly thrusts the would-be diva into the spotlight as she unleashes a torrent of words in an effort to keep old age and loneliness at bay. This female character stubbornly battling for attention is is performed by a male actor – an amusing and touching play-within-a-play about seeking consolation in art.


Artistic Direction

Direction Nora Schlocker
Stage Design Lisa Käppler
Costume Design Lovis Hauser
Music Alexander Vičar
Lighting Markus Schadel
Dramaturgy Constanze Kargl