by Hong-Do Lee
translated from the Korean by Kotti Yun

Hong-Do Lee's play is about the playwright Hong-Do Lee, who wants to write a play, and a queer play at that. But how does that actually work? The opinions of colleagues, critics and jury chairmen - as well as his historical role models - are running through his head. He asks Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams and Tony Kushner, among others, about their work, their coming out and the question of whether a gay author inevitably writes a gay play - even if it's not about it, or if nobody knows. Hong-Do Lee will not only be developing ‘The Mannschaft’ together with Kyung-Sung Lee next season, but will also be working on a new project as a WELT/BÜHNE resident.

«The playwright in the play is a queer character that is flawed and deceptive. He has a certain amount of vanity. I thought it would be ridiculous to have a character who asserts political correctness, but who is very self-involved with that image.» - Hong-Do Lee

Artistic Direction

Stage Set-Up Alexander Eisenach
Spatial Design Sanja Halb
Costume Design Natascha Dick

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