Sibylle Canonica erhielt ihre Ausbildung an der Folkwang-Hochschule für Musik Theater Tanz in Essen. Sie spielte am Oldenburgischen Staatstheater, am Schiller Theater Berlin, am Staatstheater Stuttgart, am Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus und an den Münchner Kammerspielen. Mit Dieter Dorn wechselte sie von dort an das Residenztheater. Sie gastierte regelmäßig bei den Wiener Festwochen und Salzburger Festspielen und arbeitete u. a. mit George Tabori, Hans Lietzau, Peter Zadek, Thomas Langhoff, Dieter Dorn, Werner Herzog, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Jan Bosse, Barbara Frey, David Bösch, Herbert Fritsch, Timofej Kuljabin, Tina Lanik, Bernhard Mikeska, Ivica Buljan, Martin Kušej und Michael Thalheimer.

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«Agnes Bernauer», first performed in the GDR in 1977, starts like a stop-motion fairy tale: after the death of her mother, Agnes is sent out to work by her bankrupt father. But she is unable to believe that she will find a profession that «gives her pleasure», and decides to marry money. Her rise in society happens quickly: Agnes becomes pregnant and takes Albrecht as a husband: a squeamish only child and mother’s boy who is pampered in the golden cage of the Werdenfels’ family business.

Agnes Bernauer

A golden age and decades of peace appear to have come to an end with the death of the Danish king. His successor Claudius attempts to soothe these burgeoning conflicts with diplomacy, but Prince Hamlet, the dead king’s son, refuses to accept his uncle as heir to the throne and his mother’s new husband. While the people seems willing to let itself be convinced of the new ruler’s illegitimacy, Hamlet has no desire to take his place – and thus, perhaps unconsciously, sabotages the traditional concept of political order itself.

Residenztheater, 19.00 o'clock
Residenztheater, 19.00 o'clock
Sun 03 Jul