Katja Jung

Geboren 1968 in Bonn, absolvierte Katja Jung ihr Schauspielstudium an der Toneelschool Amsterdam und an der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst «Ernst Busch» Berlin. Es folgte von 1996 bis 2006 ein erstes Engagement am Theater Basel, wo sie u. a. mit Jürgen Gosch, Lars-Ole Walburg, Michael Thalheimer, Barbara Frey und Dani Levy arbeitete. Von 2008 bis 2015 war Katja Jung Ensemblemitglied am Schauspielhaus Wien und wirkte dort u. a. in der Gegenwartsdramatik von Ewald Palmetshofer und Peter Licht. 2009 und 2015 war sie als «Beste Schauspielerin» für den österreichischen Nestroy-Preis nominiert, 2012 für den Nestroy-Publikumspreis. Von 2015 bis 2019 war Katja Jung wiederum Ensemblemitglied am Theater Basel und in Inszenierungen von u. a. Robert Borgmann, Felicitas Brucker, Claudia Bauer, Robert Icke und Joe Hill-Gibbins zu erleben.

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In her trilogy Judith Herzberg uses subtle humour and a delicate hand to portray a Jewish extended family from Amsterdam between the 1970s and the turn of the millennium. It is a chronicle of emotions and complex relationships. In a cycle that spans three generations there are marriages, children are conceived, couples separate, fall in love with someone new – and get married again. To outsiders, members of the family and their friends appear to lead the same everyday lives as their contemporaries and when they meet at weddings or funerals, they talk, dance, fall in love and argue. But, quite casually and suddenly, glimpses of wounded souls appear behind this cheerful façade.

Die Träume der Abwesenden (Absent dreams)
Residenztheater, 18.00 o'clock
Sat 26 Feb
Residenztheater, 17.00 o'clock
Sun 27 Feb

The director Elsa-Sophie Jach, who recently made her debut at the Residenztheater with her production of Herbert Achternbusch’s «Heart of Glass», brings the outrageous love poetry of «Europe’s first poet» to new life. Known for a directing style characterised by precise language and strong visuals, she hunts down the forgotten remains of Sappho’s poems, condenses them into a chorus and, on a tour through the literary canon together with the Munich techno live band SLATEC, she exposes the systematic erasure of the female voice, its silencing and the need for it to empower itself.

Die Unerhörten (The outrageous ones)
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 28 Jan
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Thu 17 Feb
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 18 Feb
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Thu 24 Feb
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Mon 14 Mar
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 18 Mar
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Sat 19 Mar

A golden age and decades of peace appear to have come to an end with the death of the Danish king. His successor Claudius attempts to soothe these burgeoning conflicts with diplomacy, but Prince Hamlet, the dead king’s son, refuses to accept his uncle as heir to the throne and his mother’s new husband. While the people seems willing to let itself be convinced of the new ruler’s illegitimacy, Hamlet has no desire to take his place – and thus, perhaps unconsciously, sabotages the traditional concept of political order itself.

Residenztheater, 19.00 o'clock
Tue 22 Feb
Residenztheater, 18.30 o'clock
Sun 06 Mar