With the Taucherchor | For the last time
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 05 Jul
Artist talk afterwards
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by David Greig
translated by Brigitte Auer with music composed by John Browne
Premiere 19. November 2022
1 Hour 20 Minutes
No break
Recommended for ages 14 and over

Claire Fletcher, the priest of a small town, becomes the witness and victim of an act that defies comprehension. During a rehearsal of the community choir she conducts, a young man kills several choir members. The killer deliberately targets people from a group that was created in order to provide a place of community for the disadvantaged members of society, asylum seekers and immigrants. Since this happened, nothing is as it was and a return to normality seems impossible. This extreme act of violence has severely undermined the tolerance, openness and solidarity that are the cornerstones of Claire’s work in the community. Her attempts to probe the question «why» occupy her private life and her work with the choir more and more. She tries everything she can to find a way to understand, in order to be able to summon sufficient strength and hope for her to continue to hold society together instead of dividing it.

In each performance the characters appear on stage with a different choir from the Munich area. Every time the theatre encounters a different section of social reality. This juxtaposition creates a situation that enables the events to be processed collectively each time within a new and specific community. The actors, the choir and the audience come together – and in the moment of performance they face the questions that Greig raises in his play.

Every performance is followed by an audience discussion with all the participants. 

A different amateur choir from Munich sings in each performance: the Bud Spenzer Heart Chor on 19 NOV, the Attac-Chor on 24 NOV and 15 DEC, the Sängerhort Freising on 29 NOV, the Giasingerinnen on 21 DEC and the Munich Mass Choir on 17 JAN.

If you are a singer, board member or musical director of a choir – we will also be happy to perform in your venue. Please contact: resi.alle@residenztheater.de.


Artistic Direction

Direction und Spatial Design Daniela Kranz
Costume Design Anna Gillis
Musical Direction Stephen Delaney
Lighting Gerrit Jurda
Dramaturgy Almut Wagner