Opera by Georg Friedrich Haas, Libretto by Händl Klaus
Opera by Georg Friedrich Haas, Libretto by Händl Klaus
Part of «Ja, Mai – The New Festival»
Premiere 21. May 2022
Recommended for ages 16 and above

A house is for sale. It is situated in idyllic greenery, freshly renovated and tastefully furnished. Potential buyers come along one after another and are shown round by the agent and the owner who recently inherited the house from her parents. 

Nadja is this central character in Georg Friedrich Haas and Händl Klaus’s opera

«Bluthaus». She has a past that she cannot escape, a trauma she wants to free herself from. She attempts to escape the hold that her background, her family and her parents’ house has on her. The opera portrays a close up of the internal life of a split personality. What opportunities, perspectives and room for manoeuvre remain for someone who needs to process a traumatic experience? How can a world be put back together again once it has been destroyed?

«Bluthaus» was the first collaboration between the Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas and the Austrian playwright Händl Klaus, which grew into a trilogy of operas with «Koma» and «Thomas». Händl Klaus has written speaking parts for the libretto of «Bluthaus» that will be played by ensemble members from the Residenztheater in this first joint production between the Staatsoper and the Residenztheater under their Artistic Directors Serge Dorny and Andreas Beck.

The acclaimed director Claus Guth and musical director Titus Engel, who was named «Conductor of the Year» by «Opernwelt» magazine for 2020, present their interpretation of this central work of contemporary music theatre as part of the Bayersiche Staatsoper’s new festival «Ja, Mai».

Artistic Direction

Musical Direction Titus Engel
Inszenierung / Choreografie Claus Guth
Stage Design Étienne Pluss
Costume Design Petra Reinhardt
Choreografische Mitarbeit Ramses Sigl
Lighting Michael Bauer
Video rocafilm
Dramaturgy Yvonne Gebauer,  Katja Leclerc


Vera-Lotte Boecker
Nadja Albrecht, Tochter
Nicola Beller Carbone
Natascha Albrecht, Ihre Mutter
Hagen Matzeit
Axel Freund, Makler
Bo Skovhus
Werner Albrecht, Vater
Solisten des Tölzer Knabenchors
Meinhard, Jeremias und Lukas Maleta
Michaela Steiger
Frau Reinisch von der Bank / Frau Schwarzer, Nachbarin
Irina Kurbanova
Irene, in Ausbildung
Silvester von Hößlin
Herr Schwarzer, Nachbar
Bijan Zamani
Herr Fuchs / Herr Dr. Rahmani