Cathrin Störmer absolvierte ihr Schauspielstudium in Berlin. Es folgten Engagements am Landestheater Tübingen und am Theater an der Sihl in Zürich, am Schauspielhaus Zürich und am Theater Kanton Zürich. Cathrin Störmer arbeitete regelmäßig mit verschiedenen Formationen und Regisseur*innen in der freien Theaterszene, u. a. am Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich, in der Kaserne Basel, am Schlachthaus Theater Bern, am Theater an der Winkelwiese Zürich und am Hebbel am Ufer Berlin. Von 2012 bis 2019 war Cathrin Störmer am Theater Basel engagiert, wo sie u. a. mit Thom Luz, Robert Borgmann, Nora Schlocker, Mateja Koležnik und Simon Stone arbeitete.

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A house is for sale. It is situated in idyllic greenery, freshly renovated and tastefully furnished. Potential buyers come along one after another and are shown round by the agent and the owner who recently inherited the house from her parents. 

Sat 21 May
Cuvilliéstheater, 20.00 o'clock
Wed 25 May
Cuvilliéstheater, 20.30 o'clock
Thu 26 May
Cuvilliéstheater, 20.30 o'clock
Sat 28 May
Cuvilliéstheater, 20.30 o'clock
Sun 29 May

Disappearing, fading away, vanishing and escaping – Aristophanes’s comedies deal with everything in the world that is ephemeral: life, happiness, property, knowledge and trust. They tell us about the complicated business of being human, about the problem of the just distribution of wealth, about greed, twisted rhetoric, and the eternal incompatibility between theory and practice.

Die Wolken, die Vögel, der Reichtum (The clouds, the birds, wealth)

Elisabeth Gärtner, a retired architect, has only one more wish: she wants to die. Her beloved husband died of cancer three years ago and without him life has no meaning for her any more. A drug that would allow her to die of her own volition has been refused her. Now the Ethics Council must make a decision on her case. Expert witnesses from the fields of law, medicine and theology argue over the question:  Does a human being have a right to determine their own death? Are doctors allowed to help someone commit suicide? And who do our lives actually belong to? To us? To the state? Or to God?

Gott (God)
Residenztheater, 20.00 o'clock
Mon 23 May
Residenztheater, 20.00 o'clock
Tue 07 Jun
Residenztheater, 19.30 o'clock
Wed 15 Jun

Vor sechzig Jahren, am 11. April 1961, begann in Jerusalem der Prozess gegen Adolf Eichmann, Leiter des nationalsozialistischen Referats für «Judenangelegenheiten» und einer der Hauptverantwortlichen des organisierten Genozids. Heinar Kipphardt verarbeitete die Verhörprotokolle des israelischen Geheimdienstes mit Eichmann zu seinem Dokumentartheaterstück «Bruder Eichmann», das 1983 am Residenztheater uraufgeführt wurde. Regisseur Sebastian Baumgarten wird sich dem bei der Uraufführung kontrovers diskutierten Text mit den Möglichkeiten und Mitteln des digitalen Theaters annähern.

Resi sendet: Bruder Eichmann

The work of the postal inspector and captain August Stramm (1874-1915) is to be rediscovered for our time. At Villa Stuck, actress Cathrin Störmer and experimental musician Valerio Tricoli attempt to bring the poetry of perhaps the most radical expressionist poet to life in a linguistic-musical symbiosis.

Stramm - an intervention