by Carla Zúñiga Morales
from the Spanish by Franziska Muche

We are probably in the middle of a lockdown because Berenice, a famous actress, is at home in her flat preparing for a performance that is being streamed on the internet and is about to go on air. But Berenice doesn't want to go on air, she doesn't want to act at all, especially not something as banal as this play. Her colleague Estela tries everything she can to persuade her to perform. But what initially appears to be stage fright and diva airs and graces develops into an intimate debate about the role of women in the theatre, sexual abuse and solidarity. In her short play, Carla Zúñiga-Morales, who will be a resident at the Residenztheater next season, sheds light on the abysses of the MeToo debate in a humorous and poetic way.


«‹The Rape of a Theater Actress› is a text that I wrote during the pandemic, after learning that a classmate from my theater school had abused and raped more than twenty women, including several of my friends. This generated a lot of anguish and a lot of anger in me, and from this I wrote this work in two days, without stopping. This work talks about the importance of naming and putting into words episodes of abuse, and was written from my own experience with abuse and that of so many people I have loved throughout my life.» - Carla Zúñiga Morales


Artistic Direction

Stage Set-Up Elsa-Sophie Jach
Spatial Design Cordelia Berschinski
Costume Design Marina Minst