By Lot Vekemans
German premiere
1 Hour
No break
Recommended for ages 14 and above

Translated by Eva M. Pieper & Alexander Schmiedebach


Anyone pointing a finger at others is pointing three fingers at themselves: in this play the much-performed Dutch playwright and novelist Lot Vekemans provides a stage for three women who each engage with the question of personal responsibility in different ways. 85-year-old Gerda comes across the book «No one is waiting for you» in a library and promptly decides to stop getting annoyed about the litter lying around the neighbourhood and to actively do something about it herself. The politician Ida no longer wants to be part of a game between power-hungry politicians and their competing interests. She no longer feels comfortable with the style of contemporary politics and resigns the party leadership following a defeat. Lastly, the actor herself doubts the importance and effectiveness of her profession and explains her desire to have a greater influence.

«No one is waiting for you
If you don’t enter the ring yourself
Someone else will take your place
And you’ll be standing on the fringes complaining loudly about what needs to be done better»

Juliane Köhler slips into these three very different characters who are linked by consciously reflecting on their individual engagement in society. In direct address to the audience Vekemans demands greater personal initiative and exchange of ideas together with the rejection of an increasingly cynical world view. Following each performance, we would like to speak with you directly and discuss the issues raised in a discussion together.

Artistic Direction

Direction Daniela Kranz
Stage Design und Costume Design Marie Roth
Lighting Thorsten Scholz
Dramaturgy Leila Etheridge