Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Fri 19 Apr
Marstall, 20.00 o'clock
Thu 16 May
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based on the novel by Julia von Lucadou
world premiere
Premiere 21. April 2023
1 Hour 15 Minutes
No break
recommended for ages 14 and over

Brimming with neologisms and the sound of Denglish, in her new novel «Tick Tack» Julia von Lucadou takes a deep dive into the world of Generation Z. 15-year-old Mette announces her intention of throwing herself on the U-Bahn line in TikTok videos. No one reacts, but she is saved anyway. Her suicide attempt bewilders those who share her privileged environment: until now she had performed her role as a highly gifted child, but this hypocritical world frustrates her. Then she meets Jo, who is ten years older, brilliant and full of rage. He has already established a following as an anti-influencer and recruits Mette for the fight against the mainstream. A game begins whose rules she can only see through once it is too late. Also engaged in joint action are the young people from Munich, who act out this live commentary on our current lives in Daniela Kranz’s production. This adaptation for «Resi für alle» in the Marstall is the novel’s world premiere.

With the kind support of the Friends of the Residenztheater and the Hubertus Altgelt-Stiftung.

Artistic Direction

Direction Daniela Kranz
Stage Design Lisa Käppler
Costume Design Anna Gillis
Lighting Thorsten Scholz
Dramaturgy Zoe Köppen Maria Leitgab


Aleyna Atasever
Mara Babic
Remy Berthomme
Julius Burgtorf
Ahmed El Imam
Yasmina Loukili
Peter Gratz
To Uyen Rose Hoang
Hannah Remmel
Angelina Schneider