Christoph Franken

Geboren 1978 in Köln, absolvierte Christoph Franken sein Schauspielstudium an der Otto Falckenberg Schule in München und der Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg. Während seines Engagements am Schauspiel Hannover von 2005 bis 2009 arbeitete er u. a. mit Jürgen Gosch, Wilfried Minks, Nuran David Calis, Tilman Köhler und Sebastian Nübling. Von 2009 bis 2019 war er Ensemblemitglied am Deutschen Theater Berlin, wo er u. a. in Inszenierungen von Jürgen Gosch, Stephan Kimmig, Nora Schlocker, Nuran David Calis, Stefan Pucher, Rafael Sanchez, Michael Thalheimer, Tilman Köhler, Daniela Löffner, Jette Steckel, Thom Luz und Sebastian Hartman zu erleben war. Seit 2015 spielt Christoph Franken im «Jedermann» bei den Salzburger Festspielen.

Performing in

«Agnes Bernauer», first performed in the GDR in 1977, starts like a stop-motion fairy tale: after the death of her mother, Agnes is sent out to work by her bankrupt father. But she is unable to believe that she will find a profession that «gives her pleasure», and decides to marry money. Her rise in society happens quickly: Agnes becomes pregnant and takes Albrecht as a husband: a squeamish only child and mother’s boy who is pampered in the golden cage of the Werdenfels’ family business.

Agnes Bernauer
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Wed 26 Jan
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Thu 27 Jan
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Tue 01 Feb
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Fri 04 Feb
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Thu 24 Feb
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Fri 25 Feb

In her trilogy Judith Herzberg uses subtle humour and a delicate hand to portray a Jewish extended family from Amsterdam between the 1970s and the turn of the millennium. It is a chronicle of emotions and complex relationships. In a cycle that spans three generations there are marriages, children are conceived, couples separate, fall in love with someone new – and get married again. To outsiders, members of the family and their friends appear to lead the same everyday lives as their contemporaries and when they meet at weddings or funerals, they talk, dance, fall in love and argue. But, quite casually and suddenly, glimpses of wounded souls appear behind this cheerful façade.

Die Träume der Abwesenden (Absent dreams)
Residenztheater, 18.00 o'clock
Sat 26 Feb
Residenztheater, 17.00 o'clock
Sun 27 Feb

A golden age and decades of peace appear to have come to an end with the death of the Danish king. His successor Claudius attempts to soothe these burgeoning conflicts with diplomacy, but Prince Hamlet, the dead king’s son, refuses to accept his uncle as heir to the throne and his mother’s new husband. While the people seems willing to let itself be convinced of the new ruler’s illegitimacy, Hamlet has no desire to take his place – and thus, perhaps unconsciously, sabotages the traditional concept of political order itself.

Residenztheater, 19.00 o'clock
Tue 22 Feb
Residenztheater, 18.30 o'clock
Sun 06 Mar

Vor sechzig Jahren, am 11. April 1961, begann in Jerusalem der Prozess gegen Adolf Eichmann, Leiter des nationalsozialistischen Referats für «Judenangelegenheiten» und einer der Hauptverantwortlichen des organisierten Genozids. Heinar Kipphardt verarbeitete die Verhörprotokolle des israelischen Geheimdienstes mit Eichmann zu seinem Dokumentartheaterstück «Bruder Eichmann», das 1983 am Residenztheater uraufgeführt wurde. Regisseur Sebastian Baumgarten wird sich dem bei der Uraufführung kontrovers diskutierten Text mit den Möglichkeiten und Mitteln des digitalen Theaters annähern.

Resi sendet: Bruder Eichmann