19.00 o'clock
Wed 20 Mar
19.00 o'clock
Wed 17 Apr
2 Hours
No break

Once a month, the «Resi Workshop» gives you the opportunity to creatively explore a play from our program. In the two-hour workshop, you will approach the respective production with text excerpts, playful exercises and improvisations.

On MO 13 NOV 2023 will be the Resi workshop on the play «Peer Gynt». Together with ensemble member Max Rothbart and theater pedagogue Linda Nerlich we will approach Henrik Ibsen's dramatic poem. «Peer Gynt» that «Faust of the North» is a satirical, wild, self-indulgent, enigmatic, boundary-breaking masterpiece. In it, Ibsen tells the odyssey of an ego-addict whose hubris persists into old age and even in the face of death, despite all his transformations.

Location to be announced | Ages 14 and up

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