Workshop about «Archive of tears»
19.00 o'clock
Mon 06 Mar
2 Hours
No break

Once a month, the «Resi Workshop» gives you the opportunity to creatively explore a play from our program. In the two-hour workshop, you will approach the respective production with text excerpts, playful exercises and improvisations.

The next «Resi Workshop» on Monday, 16 JAN 2023 will be dedicated to the play «Valentiniade. Sporty Singspiel with all means». Together with ensemble member Lukas Rüppel and theater pedagogue Linda Nerlich, we will approach Karl Valentin's linguistic acrobatic and tragicomic art and become active ourselves. A workshop that will make everyone sweat.

On Monday, 6 FEB 2023 will be the Resi workshop on the play «Antigone». Together with ensemble member Pia Händler and theater pedagogue Linda Nerlich, we will devote ourselves to Magdalena Schrefel's commissioned work for the Residenztheater: «What would happen if we systematically preserved tears, for example by drying or freezing them?»

More detailed info will follow soon.