by and with Koleka Putuma
Premiere 03. September 2021
at the Wiener Festwochen
1 Hour
No break
Age recommendation: 16 years and older


«By writing how it was, how it is, we dig up their bodies again and give them names.»

Images and sentences by queer black artists stream out of loudspeakers and projectors into the theatre space like a hot search engine. In the multimedia stage adaptation of the poetry book «Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko, Come in» by theatre maker, poet and spoken word artist Koleka Putuma, she turns herself into a projection screen and plays with the names, memories and legacies of Black women who have been made invisible in art and society.
In a densely woven dialogue between past and present, Putuma also addresses her own experiences in white institutions and questions the lines of vision between spectators and performers: When does visibility become appropriation? When are people absorbed instead of perceived?


«Hullo, Bu-Bye, Koko, Come In» was commissioned by and debuted at WienerFestWochen in 2021.


Text, performance and costumeKoleka Putuma

Visual design Inka Kendzia

Music and sound design Mr. Sakitumi

Dramaturgy Jason Jacobs

Vocals Odwa Bongo

Lighting Bamanye Yeko, Dara Kometz

Set design Koleka Putuma, Robyn-Lee Pretorius

Production management Dara Kometz

Company and tour manager Robyn-Lee Pretorius