Samuel Wootton

Samuel Wootton (*1988) ist Jazzpercussionist und klassischer Schlagzeuger. Als Musiker ist er bedingungslos unbefangen und bewegt sich mühelos zwischen verschiedensten Musikstilen als Solist, Sideman oder Studiomusiker. Er arbeitete in diesem Sinne mit der NDR Bigband, der HR Bigband, dem Münchner Rundfunkorchester, dem Münchner Gärtnerplatztheater und Künstlern wie Trilok Gurtu, Nils Landgren, Nicola Conte, Peter Sadlo oder Fünf Sterne Deluxe, um nur einige zu nennen. Samuel Wootton ist in seiner Band TOYTOY einer der vier kreativen Köpfe und Hauptakteure, sowie Percussionist bei der Band SLATEC und beim Musical «Lion King». Konzerttourneen führten ihn in zahlreiche Länder wie Kenia, Nepal, den USA, Russland, China, Malta, Ägypten und Oman. Samuel Wootton ist Preisträger des «Kulturkreis Gasteig Musikpreis», des «Krach und Getöse Musikpreis» und war langjähriger Stipendiat der «Andechser Orff-Akademie des Münchener Rundfunkorchesters» und der «Oscar und Vera Ritter Stiftung».

Performing in

The director Elsa-Sophie Jach, who recently made her debut at the Residenztheater with her production of Herbert Achternbusch’s «Heart of Glass», brings the outrageous love poetry of «Europe’s first poet» to new life. Known for a directing style characterised by precise language and strong visuals, she hunts down the forgotten remains of Sappho’s poems, condenses them into a chorus and, on a tour through the literary canon together with the Munich techno live band SLATEC, she exposes the systematic erasure of the female voice, its silencing and the need for it to empower itself.

Die Unerhörten (The outrageous ones)

Copenhagen’s working-class district of Vesterbro in the 1920s has little room for the talent and dreams of young Tove. She leaves school at the age of fourteen and is sent against her will to work as a maid and later as a clerical worker. However, she refuses to give up, publishes her early poems and stories and continues to seek her freedom as a writer. In the «Copenhagen Trilogy» Tove Ditlevsen uses her own biography to tell of an escape from a complicated everyday reality into storytelling, skilfully interweaving fiction and reality. Her first-person narrator, with whom she shares a name, delivers a humorous and laconic account of a personal life that is nevertheless political. 

Die Kopenhagen-Trilogie (The Copenhagen Trilogy)
Sat 16 Mar

No other play by Heinrich von Kleist inspires quite so many superlatives as «Käthchen of Heilbronn». It is not only the most successful, but also the most romantic, the most fairy tale-like and at the same time the most mysterious play that he wrote.

Das Käthchen von Heilbronn (KÄTHCHEN OF HEILBRONN)
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Sat 01 Jul
Cuvilliéstheater, 19.30 o'clock
Mon 10 Jul