Arnulf Schumacher

Geboren 1940, ist Arnulf Schumacher seit 1963 als Schauspieler tätig. Nach Engagements am Stadttheater Baden-Baden, an den Städtischen Bühnen Münster und am Stadttheater Bonn gehörte er von 1978 bis 2001 zum festen Ensemble der Münchner Kammerspiele. Eine intensive Arbeitsbeziehung verband ihn mit George Tabori. 2001 wechselte er mit dem Intendanten Dieter Dorn an das Residenztheater, wo er zuletzt in Inszenierungen von Regisseur*innen wie Andreas Kriegenburg, David Bösch, Tina Lanik und Mateja Koležnik zu erleben war.

Performing in

Hamsun’s trilogy tells the story of a man who feels he has been overlooked by the elites that set the tone and cheated of social recognition. The philosopher Ivar Kareno evolves from a 30-year-old radical and anti-liberal writer on the fringes of poverty into a 40-year-old private tutor to the two sons of a businessman in a distant coastal region. Here Kareno sits brooding in his writing tower, while an infectious fever descends on people, arriving from the North, the businessman Otermann is driven mad by his wealth and a strange man wanders between the houses, rumoured to be justice. Ten years later, the 50-year-old Kareno is still hoping for a major turning point in his life. And he will indeed reach a milestone where he must decide whether he will remain true to the radical ideas of his youth or to pursue a career that is more measured politically.   

Spiel des Lebens (The game of life)