Marie Roth


Station manager Xaver Bolwieser believes he has found happiness in his marriage to the rich brewery owner's daughter Hanni and their life together in the Bavarian provinces. But Hanni is soon looking for a way out of the monotonous confinement between bed and hearth. She wants to live! In the end, the whole town knows about her affairs - only Bolwieser remains blind to the truth and even perjures himself to protect his wife from the slander. Oskar Maria Graf's precise and trenchant marriage drama is also a portrayal of a society in which Bolwieser - the prototype of a conformist follower - perishes above all because of his unconditional subject mentality. For her production, in-house director Nora Schlocker draws on the screenplay by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who made a congenial adaptation of Graf's novel in 1977 and would have celebrated his eightieth birthday in 2025.

Thu 21 Nov