Georg Ringsgwandl

Born in Bad Reichenhall in 1948, Georg Ringsgwandl studied Medicine in Würzburg und in Kiel. He completed a Doctorate in California and worked as a cardiologist while also releasing albums and touring in musical cabaret from 1986 onwards. In 1993 he decided to stop practising medicine and devote himself completely to the arts. He has won many awards for his artistic work including the Salzburger Stier in 1987, The German Cabaret Prize in the category Chanson/Music/Song in 1988 and the Ernst Hoferichter Prize in 1998. He has also won the Prix Pantheon Special Prize «Reif & Bekloppt» in 2005, the Bavarian Cabaret Prize for Music in 2006 and the Bavarian Prize for Culture in 2017. In 1994 his first musical «Petrol Station of the Damned» was given its world premiere at Schauspiel Köln. Since then, he has repeatedly worked as a writer and director for theatres including the Residenztheater and the Münchner Kammerspiele.

Performing in

Arge Disko: ob arg oder Abkürzung für Arbeitsgemeinschaft wird sich im Laufe
des Abends herausstellen. Tu das Richtige zu
Zeiten der Energiekrise: spar dein Gas daheim, geh in ein Ringsgwandl-Konzert!

Georg Ringsgwandl & Band: Arge Disco
Live Tour 2023
Residenztheater, 20.00 o'clock
Wed 15 Nov
Live Tour 2023
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Lola Montez was one of the most dazzling female figures in the history of Bavaria and the city of Munich. When Lola – who was actually born Elizabeth Rosanna Gilbert – arrived in Munich in 1846, the immigration police recorded her as: «artist, dancer from Sevilla, Spain, 24 years old, Catholic, no passport.» A short time later she had become the lover of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. However, it would be too simple to reduce this fascinating woman to the scandals that were often no more than allegations against her: because in both her thinking and her actions she was centuries ahead of her time.


Lola M.