with Kyung-Sung Lee & Team

South Korean author Hong-Do Lee notes with a touch of irony:

«For me as a Korean, it's still a simple game: 22 men chase after a ball for 90 minutes and the Germans always win in the end.»

But for him too, football stands for much more - for a unique sport that arouses great emotions, connects people worldwide and connects them through people. At times, however, it can also have the opposite effect: it can divide people into hostile camps.

For the Residenztheater, South Korean theatre director Kyung-Sung Lee, founder and director of the Seoul theatre ensemble Creative VaQi, is developing a documentary and emotional evening about the power of football as a social phenomenon based on texts by playwright Hong-Do Lee, which will premiere in April 2025.

Director Kyung-Sung Lee and playwright Hong-Do Lee are coming to Munich for their play research during the European Football Championships and will provide initial insights into their work in the «Stadion der Träume».