Alfredo Staffolani

Alfredo Staffolani is a theatre artist born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, the city where he lives and works. His work has involved linking the various disciplines which investigate the mechanics of acting and staging, starting from the rewriting of classic texts which include fragments of his own biography. He has worked as a playwright in association with London’s Royal Court Theatre, Experimenta Sur in Bogotá, The Copycat Academy in Toronto and the Sala Beckett in Barcelona. He was an invitee playwright for the Welt/Bühne (World Stage Project) at the Residenztheater in Munich.

As an actor he has worked alongside his country’s most prestigious directors at the San Martin Theatre, Cervantes Theatre, The Globe Theatre in London and The National Classic Theatre of Spain. As a director he received the ACE world theatre prize (Entertainment Critics Association). He was the winner of the Buenos Aires young art biennial and the Estrella del Mar prize for his piece «El Ardor» (The Burning Heat). He has worked on texts by Jon Fosse, Samuel Beckett, Emma Dante, Pier Paolo Pasolini, William Shakespeare among many others. The release of his first feature length film «El Tiempo del Fin» (The Time of the End) investigates the possible crossovers between the world of theatre and cinema. His work was edited as «The Good Banishment», a reunited theatre. He has been translated into English, German, French, Polish and Catalan. He is a teacher at the Metropolitan School of Dramatic Art. His work tours festivals around his country and further afield where he also gives training workshops.

Performing in

In einem gemeinsam konzipierten Lesemarathon fragen sie sich: Was ist Wahrheit? In kurzen, speziell für diese Veranstaltung entstandenen Texten werden sie diese Frage auf individuelle Weise und aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven stellen – und vielleicht sogar beantworten.

Was ist Wahrheit?
Marstall, 19.00 o'clock
Sun 09 Jun