Max Färberböck

Max Färberböck, born in Degerndorf am Inn, is a multi-award-winning writer and film director. After many years working at theatres in Buenos Aires and in Italy, he graduated from the Academy of Television and Film in Munich. He then worked as a reader for Constantin Film before moving to become Assistant Director and Dramaturg to Peter Zadek at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus. After further engagements at various German theatres, he started writing and directing films for television and created the popular television series «Bella Block». His first feature film was the 1999 melodrama «Aimée & Jaguar» with Juliane Köhler and Maria Schrader in the lead roles. The film became an international success – receiving a Golden Globe nomination and providing Germany’s contribution to the 2000 Academy Awards. This was followed by numerous films for television and cinema including «Anonyma – A Woman in Berlin» (2008) after the autobiographical book «A Woman in Berlin» by Marta Hillers with Nina Hoss in the lead role. He has regularly directed for the ARD crime series «Tatort» since 2015 and played a key role in creating the investigative team in the Franconian «Tatort» with Dagmar Manzel and Fabian Hinrichs. He is also a member of the German Film Academy, the Free Academy of the Arts Hamburg and the German Academy of the Performing Arts. Max Färberböck lives in Hamburg.



Elisabeth Gärtner, a retired architect, has only one more wish: she wants to die. Her beloved husband died of cancer three years ago and without him life has no meaning for her any more. A drug that would allow her to die of her own volition has been refused her. Now the Ethics Council must make a decision on her case. Expert witnesses from the fields of law, medicine and theology argue over the question:  Does a human being have a right to determine their own death? Are doctors allowed to help someone commit suicide? And who do our lives actually belong to? To us? To the state? Or to God?

Gott (God)