Die Kopenhagen-Trilogie

Fri 25 Mar
nach den Romanen «Kindheit» – «Jugend» – «Abhängigkeit» von Tove Ditlevsen
aus dem Dänischen von Ursel Allenstein in einer Bearbeitung von Tom Silkeberg
Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung
Premiere 25. March 2022
Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahren

«A girl can’t become a poet!» The Danish writer Tove Ditlevsen grew up in the Copenhagen of the 1920s with these words of her father’s ringing in her ears. She feels like a stranger in her own family. Her mother is chilly, her father soon unemployed in the economic crisis. There is no place for literature, dreams or their daughter’s talent. Despite her ability, she is not allowed to attend high school. In order to earn money, she is sent to train as a maid at the age of fourteen, later becoming an office assistant. But in her free time, she writes poems. Though these are addressed only to her secret diary out of fear that someone else might read them. With every step she takes away from home, she hopes to get one step closer to her dream of becoming a writer. This is both the utopia of another, better life and art and literature providing a place of refuge and rescue from an everyday life marked by crises and war. Ultimately her wish for a great literary career is fulfilled – but at a very high personal price.   

Tove Ditlevsen’s «Copenhagen Trilogy»  is not an autobiography but auto-fiction in which the author shows a brilliant ability to play with her readers. Her style can best be described as radical and mercilessly honest on one hand and full of laconic humour on the other. «The Copenhagen Trilogy» is both the major work and legacy of a great Danish writer who is justifiably lauded as a precursor of Didier Eribon, Annie Ernaux and Édouard Louis.

The Swedish director and choreographer Therese Willstedt, who is making her debut at the Residenztheater, will adapt these novels for the German stage for the first time.

Artistic Direction

Direction Therese Willstedt
Stage Design and Costume Design Christian Friedländer