Geboren 1990 in Duisburg, absolvierte er sein Schauspielstudium an der Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. Bereits währenddessen arbeitete er u. a. mit Andreas Kriegenburg, Sascha Nathan und Werner Wölbern zusammen. 2015 führte ihn sein Erstengagement an das Theater Basel, wo er u. a. in Inszenierungen von Regisseur*innen wie Nora Schlocker, Julia Hölscher, Simon Stone, Claudia Bauer und Thom Luz zu erleben war.

Performing in

Disappearing, fading away, vanishing and escaping – Aristophanes’s comedies deal with everything in the world that is ephemeral: life, happiness, property, knowledge and trust. They tell us about the complicated business of being human, about the problem of the just distribution of wealth, about greed, twisted rhetoric, and the eternal incompatibility between theory and practice.

Die Wolken, die Vögel, der Reichtum (The clouds, the birds, wealth)

The story, it seems, takes little time to tell: a prince and a princess from neighbouring kingdoms run away to escape from an arranged marriage, fall in love with each other incognito and try to use their cunning to be able to choose the path of their own lives for themselves – only to realise at the end that they have run straight into the fate that had already been arranged for them.

Leonce und Lena (Leonce and Lena)